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Everything you ever wanted to know about Shirts up Serigraphics, and then some.

The Company

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These are some of our wholesale distributors that we do the majority of our ordering through.

TSC American Apparel

We also carry products from the following companies.

SanMar Tri-Mountain Next Level Alternative Apparel

Shirts Up Serigraphics & Solutions is a cutting edge DESIGN AND PRINT operation in the northwest, specializing in large and oversize prints on garments, competitive pricing, and high demand designs.

Based locally out of Anchorage, Shirts Up was created in 2006 to infuse Alaska with a competitive print shop looking to push the limits of creative printing and design. Since our beginning, we have expanded to print on numerous mediums and have grown to ship and work with businesses, schools, communities, organizations, non-profits, large corporations, clothing companies, and music bands all over the world. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate business/brand identity, and marketing package. Now you have an all in one stop for your logo, merchandise, website, artwork, and other expansive advertising or promotional needs.

Shirts Up is a full service Design, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Signage, Promotional and Merchandising Company that specializes in high quality, and superior pricing. Our prints, are known for excellence in vibrancy, consistency, and some of the most groundbreaking techniques in the printing industry. No other studio can compare with creativity and client care. We are committed 100% to all of our clients ideas, working around the clock, nights and weekends to ensure the best reception and sales for our customers products.

 As a Serigraphics and Solutions company we are involved to the fullest of our abilities, creating renown customer service, and satisfaction. With clients ranging from the National Guard, Anchorage Brewing, Iron Dog, Fur Rondy, Doyon, State of Alaska, and hundreds more, we are proud to bring out the best of Alaska.

So Why Should I Use Shirts Up?

Its quite simple! Because we offer some of the fastest turnaround, no minimums, highest quality and an affordable price. SHIRTS UP!

Our ink is hands down what sets us apart from the pack. No where else will you find such a vibrant yet soft print. Since we utilize a special process called discharge as our underbase that bleaches out the cotton on the shirt. From there we make sure each color is uniquely vivid and true. These prints are longer lasting, and get even softer with each wash.

Screens, Equipment, Experience… What the others cant do!

We use only the top of the line screens, that are retensionable, with top shelf high mesh counts (all the way up to 305)! We use the newest, dopest of dope computers, presses, and equipment to help ensure a lasting, quality product.  Design and print, is nothing to take for granted, which is why at Shirts Up, we offer over 20 years of combined experience.

Mock Ups and Approvals

In the printing and design industry, a lot can go wrong. Which is why once your order is submitted and paid for, our art department prepares digital proofs, and mockups, showing what your artwork will look like on a run of the mill shirt. Ink colors, print size, and any other concerns we may have. We correct all changes before we print anything once you review.

What’s that? Oh yes we do offer HUGE PRINTS!!!

Most printers will only print a maximum of 13×13 or 15×15 inches on garments. Nope not us, we set the bar high and specialize in large format prints (up to 17.5 wide x 21.5 tall), and even offer JUMBO prints (up to 20 wide x 24 tall).

Not only just large printing, but full color simulated and process printing are some of our highlights! We slay the highest level of detail, while saving those beautiful super soft prints you could sleep in.